Century-Old Former St Andrew’s Mission Hospital In Tanjong Pagar. Source: Sla

Historic St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital in Tanjong Pagar to Transform into Vibrant Creative Hub

The storied legacy of the century-old St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital in Tanjong Pagar is set to embark on an exciting new chapter as it undergoes a transformation into a dynamic creative lifestyle space. This visionary initiative is spearheaded by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), which has invited tenders for the development of a community-centric space with round-the-clock offerings. Nestled off Maxwell Road, at the intersection of Kadayanallur Street and Erskine Road, this rejuvenation project promises to infuse new life into the heart of the neighborhood.

A Community Hub for All Hours

One of the key highlights of this redevelopment is the potential use of the first floor and rooftop for food and beverage (F&B) purposes. This opens doors for members of the public to savor delightful culinary experiences while basking in the historical charm of the location. Furthermore, SLA envisions F&B operations that harness digital self-service mobile applications and kitchen automation processes to minimize reliance on labor, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

A Creative and Cultural Oasis

Beyond F&B, this rejuvenated space aims to become a haven for community initiatives, creative programs, and lifestyle offerings. Imagine artisan crafts workshops, fitness studios, co-working spaces, exhibitions, and collaborative events all under one roof, fostering a vibrant atmosphere and promoting interaction among residents and visitors.

Preserving Heritage and Architectural Elegance

The rich heritage and architectural significance of the building are not overlooked. As one of Singapore’s earliest Modernist structures, it boasts simple, unornamented facades and a distinctive triangular air well that has provided natural light and ventilation for generations. SLA has mandated the preservation of all original architectural and heritage elements, ensuring the site’s historical integrity remains intact.

Enhancing Public Spaces

Public spaces will also see improvements, with the site’s existing tarmac driveway set to be reimagined as an intimate communal gathering and activity space. Additionally, pedestrians can look forward to enhanced walking connectivity as the existing site fencing and the boundary wall facing Maxwell Food Centre are to be removed.

A Remarkable History

The St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital, originally built in 1923 to serve women and children in need in the Chinatown area, holds a unique place in Singapore’s history. The building is home to what is believed to be the oldest electric lift in Singapore, dating back to 1929. This lift played a pivotal role in transporting children with tuberculosis to the rooftop for sunlight and fresh air, showcasing the hospital’s commitment to patient well-being.

A Vision for the Future

With its proximity to the bustling Tanjong Pagar business district, the cultural heart of Chinatown, and the Maxwell MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line, the building continues to attract strong market interest. Heritage researchers and architectural historians have lauded the move to revitalize this historical gem, emphasizing its architectural significance and role in serving the community.

A Beacon of Possibilities

As SLA seeks proposals from visionaries and creative minds, this project holds the promise of becoming a beacon of possibilities, blending the best of Singapore’s heritage with a vision for a dynamic future. The winning proposal will be assessed not only on price but also on quality, creativity, sustainability efforts, and its ability to create a vibrant community space.

A Bright Future Awaits

The tender for this transformational project is open for bidding from November 29 to December 6, with an expected award date in March 2024. The winning tender will secure a five-year tenure, with the option for renewal for an additional four years. Refurbishment works are expected to be completed within the first two years of the tenancy.

As Singapore continues to evolve, this project reflects the nation’s commitment to preserving its historical treasures while breathing new life into them, ensuring that they remain cherished by future generations. The transformation of St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital holds the promise of creating a vibrant and culturally rich space that will captivate the hearts of all who visit.

Just a mere two months ago, SLA embarked on a similar journey in Little India, adapting state properties for co-living use, and called a tender, set to be awarded in January 2024, to rejuvenate the former Bukit Timah Fire Station. These initiatives underscore Singapore’s dedication to preserving its past while building for the future.

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