Marina Square Singapore

Homes may be added to Marina Square after SingLand applies to rezone site

Singapore Land Group (SingLand), in collaboration with its parent company, UOL Group, has applied to rezone a portion of Marina Square, one of Singapore’s mixed-use developments, from “hotel” to “residential with commercial at the first storey.” This rezoning proposal hints at potential future residential units within Marina Square. SingLand is expected to intensify developments on its land, which currently has a 99-year lease that began in 1980. If approved, the site could offer residents views of downtown Singapore and the city skyline. Marina Square is already home to multiple hotels, a shopping mall, and other amenities.

Homes Proposed For Marina Square Plots Source The Straits Plots

Homes Proposed For Marina Square Plots. Source: The Straits Plots

The proposed move surprised property analysts, who noted the area’s competition and nearby housing projects in the pipeline. However, this rezoning proposal aligns with Singapore’s efforts to create round-the-clock vibrancy in the city center, with an increasing focus on adding residential and hospitality spaces. With residential units being rare in the vicinity, this development could potentially attract foreign buyers, although additional stamp duties remain a factor for developers. Other nearby developments may consider similar plans in the future, depending on market demand and regulatory conditions.

The application reflects the authorities’ growing focus on adding residential and hospitality spaces to enhance the city’s vibrancy. Marina Square’s location within areas under URA’s Strategic Development Incentive Scheme further supports this trend. Limited availability of homes in the area and potential lease top-ups make this a unique opportunity for buyers to consider city living.

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